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About the book

A Prophetic Parable

The Scroll of Remembrance is a prophetic parable designed to teach spiritual truths in an engaging way. Part Pilgrim’s Progress, part Odyssey, part Chronicles of Narnia, Passage to the House of Power details the harrowing adventures of Rom as he awakens in the Land of Sebi, unaware of the role for which he has been chosen, nor the powers bent on stopping him. Guides, gifts and friends lead him on an unexpected journey toward the one decision we all must make.

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The story

The one decision we all must make...

In the world of Sebi, the spiritual world is rendered visible. As Rom awakens in this new world, he begins his long journey home, unaware neither of the role for which he has been chosen, nor the powers aligned to stop him. A bird, a scroll, and weapons of great power are entrusted to him along the way as he discovers unexpected parallels between his journey and those who came before him in the land of Sebi.

As Rom discovers how the spiritual world of Sebi works, he will also discover his own shortcomings and potential. Battles against external foes are matched by Rom’s internal struggle to overcome pride, insecurity, selfishness, people-pleasing, and his own cravings. Guides, gifts and friends emerge along the way to lead him to humility, service, and trust as he heads toward a fateful decision. 

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Behind the Book

The purpose of the Scroll of Remembrance is to teach people Scriptural truths in an entertaining and engaging way. As I’ve thought about the purpose of this story, it seemed appropriate to provide a reading guide to help people get the most out of the books so that they might be better equipped to put the truths into practice. 

Over the coming months we’ll be sharing these reading guides on our sister site, Olives and Coffee.

Meet the Author

About Jim Samra

Jim Samra is married to Lisa and they have four children. He has served as the senior pastor at Calvary Church in Grand Rapids MI since 2006. He has degrees from the University of Michigan, Dallas Theological Seminary and Oxford University. He loves to creatively teach, encourage, and guide people on their spiritual journeys through preaching and writing, including allegorical fiction.

Other books and articles written by Jim and his wife Lisa can be found on their website, Olives & Coffee.

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